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CALLUNA (Latin, biological)

  • noun | cal.lu.na | heather

1 A low evergreen plant with small pink or purple bell-shaped flowers, found in northern and alpine regions. 2 A purplish-pink colour. 3 Said of fabrics, etc: with interwoven yarns of speckled colours thought to resemble heather.




Welcome to Calluna! I’m¬†Heather Ratliff, currently in the process of completing my year in industry working as a fashion and textile intern in London. I study Textile : Design & Innovation at Loughborough University, specialising in multimedia. As a multimedia student, I have access to the entire School of The Arts, and can be really diverse when designing.

I love to work from my hand drawn and painted work, alongside using digital contemporary methods. This is my creative space – somewhere for me to house my concepts and experiments. I’m now working on my first series of illustrations which will be available to purchase via the online shop, coming soon!

I’m available for freelance and commissions, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Heather xox

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